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We started off as a very small business

VOLO provide unique bicycle accessories such as bike front light, bicycle taillight, silicone bike lock, handlebar extender and bike mount. innovation design, premium quality manufacturing and tested in-house. all we gotta do is to make make your biking time safe and fun.

“Simple” & “Fun”

  “Simple” & “Fun” is our design philosophy. Taking joys through diligent working is our behavior. That`s true! We are from Asia. The place with the highest population density, the least resources and the fiercest competition on the earth. We know that life is not easy. We cherish life and we’re grateful for the living happy. This world is not a paradise, the human strives to find the truth of life, the source of happiness; Then happiness stays there, you don’t need to be an erudite scholar, you don’t need to pay much. Happiness is in life. It can be genial sunshine, gentle breeze, delicate raindrops, fragrant soil, or sounds of spring, frogs, insects in the forest; It can be a smile in the world, a drop of sweat, a kiss of rosy lip; we feel it and share it with our hearts with our heart;

Due to that, our team strives to “Returning to the true nature”, to simplify our products, and naturalize them. We hope that we can give some interesting choices to those who are looking for happiness; For example, our lip shape bicycle taillights are inspired by people’s “beautiful expressions”; Our bamboo bicycle locks are inspired from bamboo in Asia;


Environmental protection and health

Environmental protection and health are timeless topics. Cycling is not only a healthy way of sports and leisure, but also an green commuting mode. We try to make it “cool” and “Rock & Roll”, we believe “causality” is only one constant in the universe and all we can do is action and reaction. Sowing ” good karma ” to launch more beautiful products to make more and more people love riding bicycle. “Driving less, cycling more”.

See What Our Customer Says

The UN350 is seriously bright. Its 250-lumen output trumps most other rear lights especially when you bring price into the equation.

Pia Bouquien, Paris, France

My Volo light definitely saved me from a serious accident earlier this year, the big 4wd stopped just 6 inches short of me, totally unsighted except for seeing my “lip”. It is worth every penny.

David Wynter, London, UK

A life saver for cyclists [Volo]. Emily Brooke has created a virtual cyclist, seen by drivers if there is a rider in their blind spot.

Jeremy Francis, Trinidad

all is here and I feel a little less inclined to bike to work in the chilly mornings and bike home when it’s dark out. I got the Volo light as a gift and it breathed new excitement into my routine. Now I look forward to night riding everyday.

Maggie Georgieva, Boston, USA
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We must keep moving for our life!! Lets make it to be more SAFETY, SMART and FUN together.