URBANEON Series Lighting System Design

Wide body design/ easy to operate

The URBANEON bike front light is a well-designed and highly practical lighting device for cyclists. Compared to traditional flashlights shape bicycle headlight handheld flashlights, our URBANEON lights feature horizontal design with a center of gravity that is perfectly aligned with the handlebars, no matter how much pressure is used to press the button the cyclist easily operate the light without damage the light strap or base.

URBANEON bike front light is totally desiged for your bike handle bar, not your hand. Using it to replace your flashlight or electric torch is not suggested.

When you are fully used to this bike front light, you will find its advantages. Easy installation, simple pressing, compact design and superior performance. Safely illuminate the road ahead when you cycling at night.

Wide lighting area

Compared with a narrow lighting source, a wider light source can form a wider lighting range in short distance; compared with the width of auto, the width of a bicycle is relatively narrow. If the lighting width is narrow, it is easy to cause safety hazards. When cyclists enjoy their night riding. The limited visible field of view ahead affects their Defensive cycling (Defensive cycling , on – the – road cycling , anticipation of possible dangerous acts by others , hazardous situations and special techniques to avoid them.)

Dual-Beam Headlight Systems

2 Led Dual-lamp design provides more scientific and exquisite choices and more scientific lighting experience for cyclists to ride at night.

Cyclists can choose low beams / high beams / both when when they’re biking at night. Coz biking enviroment is complex, cyclists have freedom to choose the which light beam to use at different visibility, biking speed and road conditions;

LED looks bright on dry roads, but behaves badly when it rains

Because of the effect of Raman scattering, when the light hits the water surface, the reflected wavelength is shorter than the incident light, which is why the sea water is blue. LEDs with a higher color temperature contain a large amount of the blue spectrum and reflect back more blue. The human eye is far less sensitive to blue-violet light than yellow-green light, which leads to poor lighting effects of LEDs containing a large amount of blue light spectrum compared to halogen lamps containing a large amount of yellow light.

Dual Color Temperature 

With the popularization of LED lighting technology. Most bicycle lights are basically equipped with LED light sources. The LED light source has the advantages of small size, high luminous efficiency, and long life, and is very suitable for light bicycle commuting. Compared with the traditional thermal light source, LED is a semiconductor cold light source, which has the disadvantage of low CRI (color rendering index). The CRI is determined by the light source’s spectrum. An overwhelming lamp has a continuous spectrum, a LED lamp has a discrete line spectrum; implying that The incandescent lamp has the higher CRI.

Different wavelengths of light have different refractive indices in the human eye. This leads to the blurring of the human eye due to the difference in refractive index in the LED lighting environment, while the brain uses powerful post-processing to eliminate the effect as much as possible. The result is one word: tired. Human eyes have adapted to the solar spectrum in the long-term evolution, so the farther away from the solar spectrum, the more uncomfortable it looks.

Bicycle headlights with two-color temperature can supplement the deficiency of LED spectrum as much as possible, making it closer to the effect of daylight. During night riding, riders need to observe objects on the road at all times to quickly judge the passing path. The color rendering index of the URBANEON bike light emitted is better, making it easier for riders to see objects on the road, and guaranteeing the safety of night riding.

Easy to Install & Rechargeable

The URBANEON 350 bicycle headlight is small in size and can be carried around, just clip in the rubber strap on the handle bar of your bicycle, easy to be installed and disassembled . Tool free design, even a kid can mount it by himself.
Included USB charging cable can help for charging from the notebook Computers and power banks and smartphone. Waterproof and dustproof, suitable for outdoor adventure activities such as cycling, commuting, and off-roading.

Stable and Sturdy

Aluminium body make its durable enough for riding on unlit roads or even off-road. Even if it falls to the ground, it is still strong. Unique cooling system greatly increases battery life.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How do I activate my high beams?
What are low beams?

Low light beam is the “normal” lamp launched by your bicycle front light, using such an in town city biking lot when cycling at night or in a dark or dark environment. The low -light beam has a short -distance focus, sometimes also known as “immersion beam”.
Low beams are the most important and most frequently beam used in your on road bike riding. The light beam is angled towards the ground in order to illuminate the road and to avoid blinding other people. They are a way for other passerby to see you.
Traditionally, in night riding bikers would have to turn on their bike front light to act as low beams lighting.

What are high beams?

As strengthening of low beam the high beam headlight lighting function is normally activated in environments with little to no light such as the country or small roads with no street lights. High beams are sometimes referred to as ‘brights’ or ‘full beams’.
The light beam for high beams is angled upwards in order to illuminate a surface area above and beyond the light of the low beams. High beams have a long-range focus.
When people biking at a fast speed at night, the high beam headlight lighting is helpful to make cyclist have a good view of far distance.
Biking with your high beams can blind oncoming traffic, which can be very dangerous.

One click the button would activate each beam separately. When you start to operate URBANEON bike frontlight, You can activate the high beams when you push the button twice.

Do the low and high beams use the same bulb size in single beam systems?

Yes, URBANEON bike front light is symmetrical layout. The low beam LED and high beam LED is same dimention.

Are high beams brighter than low beams?

Yes. High beams will produce a greater amount of light but simply due to the angle and position within the headlight.

Are high beams legal?

Yes. Using your high beams is legal but should not be using continuously as they blind other passerbys and drivers. High beam usage should be restricted to very dark environments with little to no oncoming traffic.

What is the difference between high beams and brights?

None. Brights is just another term used for high beams and originates from the extra brightness produced by the high beam.

Should I use high beams in rain, snow or fog?

Not recommended. Using your high beams in such weather conditions would cause the light to reflect back at you. In very low light settings, high beams can be used temporarily.

Do URBANEON bike light have automatic high beams?

No. URBANEON bike light is one of the smallest bike front light. There is no the sensor inside to detects low light condition. It all up to cyclists’ choice.

Are fog lights the same as low beams?

No. Fog lights are a separate beam, only come on certain cars and are not required by law. Fog lights are typically found in the front bumper of a car or truck in their own separate assembly.
Low beams and high beams are found in your car’s headlight assembly which typically sits on top of your front bumper.

What is Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a measurement of how natural colors render under an artificial white light source when compared with sunlight. The index is measured from 0-100, with a perfect 100 indicating that colors of objects under the light source appear the same as they would under natural sunlight.