smooth lens:

The concentrating effect of the light emitted by the LED can reach more than 90%.

bead lens:

When people’s vision is highlighted, they will feel unsightly.
Different lights will produce different effects in different environments.
Most of the astigmatism is used in a wide range of illumination,
just like the fluorescent lamp, but the range is large, but People’s visual comfort,
even if you look directly at the light source, you will not feel uncomfortable.

Samsung lamp beads:

High efficacy and high quality color rendering.
Excellet CRI makes it well suited for most enviroment.
Completed 10,000 hours+ burning time @1A, 105℃
Two clor LED light:
Two Beams

Small and powerful

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Let ’s take a look at the lighting effects compared to other products

our products

Make your vision wider and brighter.

Observe obstacles more clearly to avoid danger.

other products

The range is small and not bright enough

The lights are discolored and the obstacles cannot be clearly distinguished