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Compared with fragile plastic handlebar which frequently damaged, well made aluminium alloy bar extender got more durability. The bracket is well made and very solid when tightened and the bar is adjustable and locks into set positions so you get no vibration or shake due to lose fitting parts. Extender body alone can be used to install lights, speedometer computer, smart phone mount, etc.



MAIN BODY SIZE: 87mm x 96mm x 42.6mm

NET WEIGHT:  52 g / 2.0 oz (Including Spacers)



MATERIAL: Aircraft Grade Aluminium



20~23.5 mm (with ΦA 22.2 mm spacer)

23~26.5 mm (with ΦA 25.4mm spacer)

Compatible bike/E-bike

Package Contents:

1 x Bicycle Extender Bar;

1 Pair x Φ22.2mm Spacer;

1 Pair x Φ25.4mm Spacer;

1 x M3 Alley Key;

1 x M4 Alley Key;

4 x Screws;

1 x User manual


Warning: Please ensure to screwing it tightly before riding. VOLO is not responsible or liable for any injuries or damages of devices may sustain that result from your misusing this product.

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Weight0.18 kg


    April 17, 2020
    "バーやマウントの強度などは十分です。アルミ製なので軽くもあります。 取り付けようのスペーサーは、ゴムでは無く樹脂製なので若干付けづらくポロポロ落ちやすいのが難点ですね。"
    April 17, 2020
    バイク用(NC700X)でのユピテルのナビ設置用にと購入 少し前にデイトナのマルチホルダーを購入したのですが、ナビの設置角度を見やすく調整するとNCの場合、フューエルオープナーにキーがさせなくなってしまうために別の方法を検討していました。 もっと安くて似た商品はいろいろあるのですが、デザインを見て購入を決定...
    Darryl L.
    April 17, 2020
    I use this handlebar extension to attach my left side view mirror. I am able to see behind me now without my arm partially in the way👍. Other buyers claimed that the end caps pull off fairly easily during installation. Knowing that, I pulled the caps off and applied some JB Weld to them. Also, I wrapped a small piece of duct tape around the bar before attaching the mirror to give the mirror attachment a grip. So far, so good!
    April 17, 2020
    Perfetto su v-strom 650, bella linea buoni materiali.
    April 17, 2020
    Vous avez un guidon courbé sur votre vélo, alors cet extension est ce qu'il vous faut. Facile à installer et matériaux de bonne facture.
    Un Cliente
    April 17, 2020
    Et bon rapport qualité-prix j'ai utilisé cette extension de guidon pour ma trottinette électrique afin d'y accrocher un support de téléphone portable le produit en question est vraiment de très bonne qualité je le recommande
    April 17, 2020
    Très pratique, peu cher, bonne qualité. Livré avec adaptateurs pour différents diamètres de cintre. Solution la plus économique et performante pour fixer son smartphone au cintre avec un GUB G-81. Bravo.
    April 17, 2020
    Prodotto installato su una Suzuki Gladius il manubrio è leggermente più piccolo ma mettendo un pezzo di gomma tra il manubrio e il supporto è perfetto testato con un navigatore non si muove di un millimetro.
    April 7, 2020
    Also entweder bleicht der Lack schnell aus, oder es war von Anfang an eher dunkel-dunkelbraun als schwarz. Ansonsten prima
    April 7, 2020
    Prodotto installato su una Suzuki Gladius il manubrio è leggermente più piccolo ma mettendo un pezzo di gomma tra il manubrio e il supporto è perfetto testato con un navigatore non si muove di un millimetro.
    luca bernasconi
    April 7, 2020
    "Ottimo prodotto, funzionale, utile e di ottima qualità. Rapporto qualità/prezzo ottimo. Adatto anche all'utilizzo su moto. Alluminio anodizzato e inox"
    April 7, 2020
    Prodotto specifico per bici ma molto pratico per moto visto che simili blasonati hanno un costo esagerato... Assolve egregiamente il propio compito.. Bravi
    April 7, 2020
    Well made. Good quality handlebar extension.
    April 7, 2020
    I was very impressed with the quality and ease of installation of this extender bar. My previous bar (from a different supplier and of a different design) was supplied with cheap, rubberised inserts to make it fit the handlebars, which quickly wore thin in the British rain-soaked Spring. This extender, however, is supplied with a choice of two solid inserts which link together perfectly to give a robust and weather-resistant seal. Very easy to fit and is one of the few extender bars that is NOT black, so it looks great on my chrome bars. Excellent value and ideal for providing more space for gadgets on my bike.
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